June Reading

Well,  we have officially finished June!  If you're looking to join the discussion, head on over to the forum and I've posted up questions on both books.  Looking to get the long promised podcast up between today and Sunday.  Outside that, July reads are available for anyone wanting to hang out another month.  I wasn't super into Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, made my way about 70% or so through the book, pretty much never got overly involved. 
In case you missed my review on Goodreads, basically, I just felt like it was a little pretentious.  I think some people like books that are written that way, in my opinion, because they like to feel really important reading them and others because they like to act as if the book makes a bunch of sense to them when all the sense is really just bullshit and words pulled from a thesaurus.  I personally never really felt like the story had much meat, I mean, the bones were there, definitely the pages, plenty of damn words, but most…

Assassin's Apprentice

So, I finished Assassin's Apprentice yesterday.   Which means I'm going to start Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell today.  I've had some people message me on Goodreads waiting to hear my thoughts on the book so I am excited to get started.  However, since I just finished Assassin's Apprentice I am also in a state of longing to start Royal Assassin.  All in good time though. I don't want to rush ahead of anyone following along and that book really isn't supposed to be read until July....which it technically isn't even June yet.  *LOOONNNNGG SSSIIIIGGGHHHH*
I have another book to read in the mean time that is outside the book clubs, so I'll have to go through that as well before I start Royal Assassin.
Anyway, I'm going to post up a podcast about my thoughts from Assassin's Apprentice, I will do my very best to avoid spoilers and keep to just the one book.  As I've mentioned, I have read the whole series, and a lot of people who have been part…

Unapologetic Monologist

So, in case you somehow missed the information,  I posted the first Podcast last night.  I think it went alright.  I had a couple flubs but what can I say, I'm only human.  I'm really looking forward to reading with everyone.  I'm a little over halfway through Assassin's Apprentice right now, so I think I'll be starting Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by next week.  I literally have no idea what Jonathan Strange is about at all, so I'm curious to see how it goes.  For now though, I'm enjoying Assassin's Apprentice.  I forgot how much I loved the character of Patience, she is such an interesting and enjoyable individual, also I have always felt so conflicted about FitzChivalry's feelings toward Burrich as a child.  I guess in a way we all resent our guardians in the early teens, but once you become an adult it's sometimes hard to remember that. I guess it just seems so irrational the more you begin to relate to the adult side of life.  In a way…

Tsundoku Welcome

So this is my first blog in relation to my new site... I chose the name Tsundoku because I was sorta just browsing the internet for ideas to create a cohesive theme and I came across this article about "Words All Book Lovers Should Know."   A memo I had clearly missed.  Tsundoku was one of the words on said list.  It's Japanese and there is no single English word that it translates too, which therefore makes it mystical to me.  It's used to describe the act of collecting reading material but then just letting it pile up in ones home without actually reading it.  This is in essence, a perfect description of my life.  I have the best of the intentions, really I do.  Except when I signed up for that B&N account this year.  That was really because I am obsessed with "Collector Editions" and cannot stop buying them.  In my defense though, they are so pretty and leather-bound, sometimes they have fancy leafing.  Which of course means I can't actually read…